How we became The Flames


(Above: SBFC club logo 2013-4)

Out of the ashes comes a spark. See the spark start a fire. With the fire, come the flames.

Burn brightly for God. Flame on.

Begun in 1858, the original St Barnabas church building stood for almost 150 years. However, on the 10th of May 2006, the church building erupted into flames and was quickly destroyed.

In spite of this, church never stopped, and the rebuilding process was quickly begun. Naturally, while this process was underway, jokes regarding fire, flames and ‘St. Burnabas Church’ abounded throughout the Barneys community, with those in the pulpit being exceptionally guilty.

In 2011, as the St. Barnabas Football Club was being formed, the rebuilding of the church was almost complete. It seemed only natural that the club be called the flames, that our strip be orange and black and our supporters be known as The Inferno (only the inferno can fan the flames). There really wasn’t a decision to be made, the name caught on, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Burn brightly for God. Flame on.

Click here for a video of the church, the morning of the fire