Provisional Squads 2014


We would like to emphasise that these are provisional, and they are squads. All players should expect to move back and forth between the two teams that make up each squad across the course of the season. Players in one squad cannot play in the other squad once the season begins.

If you have any questions about where you are playing, or if you would like to discuss or change where you are playing, please contact Charlie Cull on 0427255696. Text him first, he works now…




Premier League Raahuage Cup
1 Sowden Cull (GK)
2 Wykniet (GK) Jeffery, R.
3 Stevenson Jeffery, W.
4 Brosnan Oppel
5 Pod Curtis Smith
6 Hingston Trenerry
7 Drysdale Larkin
8 Stern Tom Dickson
9 Harvey Julian Nikolovski
10 De Ferranti, S. Sam Irwin
11 Ghee De  Ferranti, W.
12 Reddie Conrad Bandoroff (GK)
13 Elton James Mohun
14 Robinson Chunge
15 Pud Cam Smith
16 Patrick Paul Buckley
17 Utber Nicholson, Z.
18 Hockey Joel Francis
19 Macintyre Jim Cameron
20 Sanchez Nicholson, B.
21 Olsen McCorquodale
22 Vince Jason Au
23 Krimmer Thompson
24 Allan Powell Henderson
25 Nahum McLean Condie
26 Lachlan Macintyre Colbourn
27 Jacob Tattersal Krebs
28 Crispin Kenny (GK) Sherard
29 Liddle Reuben
30 Turner Persson
31 Charlie Phillips Tim Lihou
32 Townsend Hespe
33 Alex Shaw Andrew Strange
34 Lewis McMahn Steve Von Takach
35 Knights


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